Gorm Larsen Nordic launches new website

by / September 25, 2015

We proudly present our brand new website and logo.

What business are you in?  What is it actually that you are doing? How can I get help from you guys? If I apply for a job in the company, what can I expect from you?

Do you cover the Nordic for real?

These and many other questions have come over the last couple of years from both potential clients and people, who were looking for a job at Gorm Larsen Nordic. Our old website gave some of the answers, but not in an easy to understand and accessible language, so we decided to make a complete make-over of our web and visual appearance. The site is being developed internally over time, but here is our new way of describing who we are, what we do – and not at least why we do it.

Please send me feedback (find me here) to what you see – whether you like it or hate it (I hope you like). We want to continuously learn and develop as an organization, so that we also can “Release the potential” of Gorm Larsen Nordic.


Jens Brinck

Gorm Larsen Nordic