Treasure hunting in France

by / October 18, 2016

Online lead drive-to-store: We have hidden treasures in selected Boulanger stores. If you find the key code you have chance to win a beoplay A1.

We were asked to do an online lead activation for B&O Play in France and what did we do? We created a digital treasure hunt!

Starting with a clear plan for how we wanted the activation to happen we created a path for how we wanted to drive activation through social media, the stores, through the campaign site we put together and in the end see a clear and measurable effect on the use of retention voucher. 

The activation of the fan base gave a great spread and activation during the campaign week. Looking at the more long-term effects we can see that out of everyone entering the site 1 of 4 signed up and of these 1 of 3 wanted to receive newsletters going forward to make sure they don't miss out. 

Are your ready to start hunting the retail treasures hidden in your online leads?